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MAY 2, 2024

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Who We Are

TAEAA has been serving the Sacramento community since 1896. In 1978, under the direction of Mrs. Elnor F Tillson, the agency changed from its traditional focus of Travelers Aid services to providing services for area individuals and families in crisis. Under the continued leadership of Wanda F Williams, our sole purpose is to assist low and moderate-income earners and working poor individuals and families, with 24-hour crisis intervention. TAEAA, seeks to fill the gap in services to those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Who We Are

Mission Statement

Travelers Aid Emergency Assistance Agency's mission is to provide human services throughout the greater Sacramento Area to individuals and families, especially to those where minor dependent children and other protected populations are at risk. Our definitive goal is to stabilize individuals and/or the family unit, and return them back into the mainstream of a self-sufficient, healthy and productive environment.


Our Team

Jean Crim

Board Member

Mark Henry

Board Member

Bertha King

Board Member

Kendra Lewis

Board Member

Velma Sykes

Board Member

Wanda F Williams

Executive Director

Programs Offered

Rental Assistance

For the prevention of eviction and homelessness.

Colorful Houses
Heart & Hands

“This year marks our 125th anniversary! One hundred-twenty five years of dedication and commitment to service. Our staff and board members significantly contributed to the rich history of Travelers Aid- Emergency Assistance Agency (Travelers Aid Society). As we look to the future, we demand from all a greater commitment to service. In addition, we must work harder at fundraising to meet the increased needs of our agency. We must reach out beyond our borders and embrace many needed resources. We wish to express the entire staffs' sincere thanks to all that have made our agency a success. However, we must not accept this success as the end, but really the beginning. This beginning must reflect the changes in our community. The dreams and needs of the people we serve must be heard and understood. We look forward to the future with great expectations”

-Wanda F. Williams

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